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Hello out there,

I am trying to install Windows 98 on the following system and can't get the drivers working 😒

Mainboard is a Biostar Viotech 3100+
https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduc … ID=470#download

It has an onboard VIA C7-D CPU with CN896 chipset. (BIOS setup to default values).
I added 256MB of DDR2 RAM (667MHz), a Geforce 6200 PCI-E and a ESS Solo-1 with a DreamBlaster S2.
I also added a 24GB SSD to one of the SATA port.

I prepared the SSD with 2 partitions (FAT32) and copied the Windows CD into a folder on drive D:\. After that I booted from an external USB CD drive into freedos. From this state i started the instalation of WIndows 98 SE.
Everything seems to be fine when installing Windows, but when it comes to the hardware recognition the system hungs up. After several minutes I get a blue screen without error number. It just tells me that there was a write error on the hard drive and there might be a data loss. 😒

So I tried to minimize the system as far as I could. I pulled the VGA card, the sound card and disabled everything unneeded in the BIOS. But no help. The system still freezes. Windows still tries to continue the hardware recognition but always freezes.

I also tried to setup the BIOS from non-PnP OS to PnP OS. No help.

I am looking for some hint or advice how to continue.

Kind regards,

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You need CN700 Chipset if you want proper Windows 98 Operation.

As far as i know lowest OS working properly is XP, maybe 2000.

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