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Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my Logitech Series 9 serial mouse. It is working on different machines from DOS to Win95 but not under Win98 which won't recognize it. My other serial mice and a PS/2-Serial Combo mouse is working with Win98.

Any ideas why it is just the Series 9?


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Ok, it seems i get no luck with win2k.
Also the readme of mouseware 9.41 states:
"3.5 Detection of Serial Mice under Windows 2000

If your Logitech Serial mouse functions, but does not appear
in the MouseWare enhanced Mouse Properties, reinstall
MouseWare again while the Logitech Serial mouse is attached.

Please note that C-Series mice connected to the serial port
are not supported under Windows 2000. C-Series devices can
identified by the following model numbers (M/N:) located on
the bottom of the device: T-CA1, C7, CA, CC, and CE.
Series 9 is "CC"