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I started to check my damaged AX59 - bought it that way for parts, but after some verification I thought that it may be possible to repair it actually (seller wrote that he did not try to run it after damage was done). I found two damages that need fixing - 3 legs ripped off from Southbridge and the one I'm not sure - some paths broken at the bottom (hart to take photo of it - had to use lens).

There is a hole breaking two paths - I don't have much knowledge about how layers are organised for this board - is it possible that a layer underneath was damaged also - like if it reached grounding layer or so. Is there a way how to check it?

I plan to fill the hole and remove some soldermask from those paths and then solder a thin silver wire there.

I'm rather an amateur for electronic equipment but I try to fix as much as I can myself. Definately it's easier for old audio than old computer stuff 😀


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Just solder an insulated wire from point to point. You could always hot glue it in place or use some tape.

It won't look pretty but who'll see it?



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