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A reproduction of an old Toshiba port replicator (it adds an external vga socket, ext keyboard, ext mouse) for a few models that dont have a vga port.

It does this by using a pcb edge connector to mimic a proprietary socket. Adding in case anyone else needs one or would like to modify the design.

Gerbers, schematic, link to design files here:

https://github.com/dekkit/Mini-Port-Replicato … Keyboard-Mouse-



Discussion thread here:
Help with obscure Toshiba docking station

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AcuMos VGA Card

https://dosreloaded.de - The German Retro DOS PC Community
https://www.retroianer.de - under constructing since ever

Co2 - for a endless Summer

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matze79 wrote on 2022-05-31, 08:22:

Cool ! I have an old one with the AcuMos AVGA1 chip and it does work well in both 8bit and 16bit slots, looks nearly identical to Marco's except green PCB.
Maybe I should post the BIOS for it somewhere 😀

Hate posting a reply and then have to edit it because it made no sense 😁 First computer was an IBM 3270 workstation with CGA monitor.