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Greetings to everyone...

Last weekend I was playing with my new build.

Asus A7V880
Athlon XP 3200+
Ati 9600 Pro AGP
512 DDR RAM PC3200
Modern, with Sata to ide adapter HDD and DVD-RW drives.

Firstly on some pci slots I was getting a DMA-1 error during post, only on the fourth no issues occurred. Secondly Windows 98 SE couldn't recognise Audigy Player on every pci slot I checked, Audigy 2 ZS was recognised but with driver issues on the fourth slot. So I installed Windows XP PRO SP3 with all the drivers integrated until 2012. All the hardware installed correctly, but with the built in installation Audigy driver the system was doing a cycling reboot on XP. I disabled it on safe mode and XP booted without issues. But I couldn't install correctly every driver I checked, even the custom ones. The cards working without issues on my K7 build.

Also the intergrated sata controller doesn't recognizes hdds with capacity over 500 GB.

I've also tried a PCI sata controller with Sil 3124 and system cannot recognised it at all.

I also remember on my Ga-7N400-PRo2 on 2003 which I bought it to replace my GA-7Dxr+ I
removed the Audigy player for the same reason.

The X-Fi Music I own works great.

Are these issues common??? Something I read on other threads about it.