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I'm planning to build a computer aimed at Falcon 3.0, Fleet Defender, and the Sierra Aces series through Aces of the Deep DOS. I have a Pentium 100 and a Pentium 233, so I don't need a build that can handle any later DOS titles--probably 1993 at the latest. A 486 would seem to be they way to go. The Falcon 3.0 install manual says that a 25Mhz 486 is needed to play the game at full settings, so something between a 486DX/33 and a 486DX2/66 would seem to be the best option CPU-wise. However, I think the 33Mhz CPU would be the better option, as Falcon 3.0 is somewhat speed sensitive.

I've never owned a 486 system, so I have a few questions. Do I need a VLB video card and/or VLB I/O card? If I went with a PCI motherboard, would a PCI video card cause any speed or compatibility issues? Do I need to worry with cache with this type of system?

Anything else I need to worry about?

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whether or not you need a vlb io depends if the board has integrated io, and if the board is a vlb board you need a vlb vid card, unless its a pci board then go with a pci vid card. u can get a pci based board with integrated io. Save yourself some time. pci would not be period correct tho. for 1993 vlb is. personally i don't care about period correct. I only care about making good computers and if its good thats what matters.

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Found this info on AOD online help file:

IBM' PC' compatible computer with an 80386 DX33 , or better processor,
and at least 4 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM).
[Today we've learned that you should have at least an intel 486DX40 with
no less than 8MB RAM. However you might also run "too fast" as modern
PC's by far outline the specifications of those days. Moving to far up in the
Pentium hierarcy will certainly give you trouble (up to P133 is tested and
secured though

The game was released quite late (-94) regarding the 486 era, so if you want to find the sweet spot I'd go for DX2/66 just to make sure.