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I am trying to revive a Dell XPS 1530 laptop. It does not power on at all. I plug in the charger and the charger's LED does not light up. Does the LED light up even if the laptop is not turned on? I.e. this would indicate a dead charger. If the LED is not meant to light up when the laptop is off, this means the charger could be fine and the laptop itself has issues.

But I don't know which it is!

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The LED on the charger is almost certainly meant to be lit, even without being plugged into the laptop, at least it is on a 1998 Latitude XPi CD. I had same issue too, no LED on the charger, dremeled the charger but could see no physical damage, so ended up getting a replacement used charger, which worked.

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Use a multimeter to check if there is voltage at all from the charger.
Could be:
-faulty charger
-faulty voltage circuitry on the m/b
-a dead component on the motherboard
-faulty charger port on m/b

Check charger, inspect the motherboard.

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