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i have these 2 cards that i own. they are opti cards and the amount of different models from different brands is amazing.
seems that many Opti cards were built, some even got a fake yamaha.

Card#1 is OPTi 82C929A and has an Analog devices AD1846JP soundport and a real yamaha ymf-262M
model says " High fidelity 16i"

after a long time searching on google i found https://www.dearhoney.idv.tw/Museum/OPTi/HF16i.htm
company : NewCom Inc. High Fidelity 16i(HF16i)
and after a long time searching online i found a link that has the specific drivers for that card, i know it because its listed on the readme.txt on this link https://www.helpjet.net/Fg-72551715-51924051.html
file: HIFI16.250.ZIP

Card#2 is an Opti 82C930A and it only has a yamaha ymf-262M . No brand, only S0930S0010 and FCC ID: LWE-ATC930 appears on the PCB

After a lot of time searching on google the only thing i found was this company"Cheng Fong Technology Sound Card"
sadly i could not find any drivers for it.

so my question is, are OPTi drivers universal? can i get any other 82C930A driver and make it work with the card using the sony or panasonic connector?

Are these cards good for retro gaming? i kind of like them because they have all the cdrom drive connectors which is something not so common, i saw a couple Soundblaster16 that got them all too.


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Yeah, the drivers should be pretty much universal.

The card I used for many years was an Opti 930 based card with onboard QDSP wavetable.

Sound Blaster Pro support seemed to be pretty flawless, as-in I never had a problem with any of the games I played at the time.

The drivers should all be available on vogonsdrivers.com

Yamaha YMF modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG resource repository - updated November 27, 2018
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide
AW744L II - YMF744 - AOpen Cobra Sound Card - Install SB-Link Header
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Cards based on the same chipset e.g. 82C930 should work with the same drivers, even if they were made by different manufacturers. Not sure if cards based on earlier chipsets can use those drivers though.

Anyhow, for the 82C930 I had the best experience with the drivers which I have attached here:
OPTi 82C930 review

Build #1: Celeron 466 / Abit ZM6 / Voodoo3 / AWE64 / YMF744 / SC-155
Build #2: AthlonXP 1700+ / Abit KT7A / GeForce4 / SBLive / ALS100
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Apart from some exotic cards (think Miro PCMxx) OPTi-based designs are refreshingly generic. PnP versions play nice with Unisound too.

Only 'issue' is that the chips can initialize either SB DA or WSS but not both at the same time.