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Hi everyone
After long time I am in the mood for some vintage stuff experiments . So I got a GA-8ST800 rev 1.0 and a voodoo 3 3500 AGP . I just want to ensure that I don't missed some point fatal fo the hardware . From what I found in the posts the motherboard has a universal AGP 4X which means it accepts 2X also but couldn't find if it supports 3.3V for sure. The CPU is P4 I think around 2.6ghz. Is the hardware match safe something else I must care of ? thanks in advance

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SiS 645DX is AGP 3.3V compatible. So unless Gigabyte messed up something, it should work.
But safety first, as always - it would be a good idea to try some cheap AGP 2x GPU so see if everything works properly.

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