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Just out of curiosity when would the CPU become a bottleneck?

I posted my old system last week after finding it and reconditioning it, since then I swapped the GPU from a GF2 GTS Pro to a GF4Ti 4200 that I had in a box and it still works.

My P4 system died long ago and my next up is on 775 socket, I still have lot's of GPU's in boxes but majority are AGP so this is why I'm curious how far the below will go.

P3 1.4Ghz Tualatin
Gigabyte GA-60XT MB
512MB RAM PC133 Samsung RAM, CAS 2, Tras/TRC 5/7, Ras to Cas 2, Ras precharge 2
Gainward GF4Ti 4200 128Mb DDR
10GB hard Drive
80GB WD Raptor (Dual boot)
Soundblaster Live 1024
Win 98SE USP 2.1A (clean install)
Windows XP USP 4 (Clean install)
133Mhz FSB
133Mhz Memory


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It depends greatly on the games you play and the resolutions. For the most part, the Tualatin would be fine for games up to 2001, maybe even 2002 (although it won't be perfect in all extreme situations). Like, for example, in a busy Diablo 2 fight scene you will get stutters/framedrops. 😀
The GeForce 4 Ti 4200 is definitely bottlenecked by the Tualatin. But, again, this is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on what you play. In certain games the bottleneck will mean that instead of 900 FPS you only get 200 FPS, while in other games the bottleneck can seriously affect performance.

Bottom line: the Tualatin is great for Windows 98, while for XP... not so much. For XP, at the very least you want a late Athlon 64, although a Core 2 Duo would be highly recommended.

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