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Hello, here in Europe DEC (Digital Equipement Corp, the one with the VAXses) sold Olivetti PCs under their name. They were exactly the same, just different branding. For example DECstation 320 seems to be the same as Olivetti M300-10. Only the front panel of the Celebris/Venturis machines was a bit different design.

Example here, what a beautiful machine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGrYGX6hGwY

And under the name DECStation 3xx I find traces of many machines which could be Olivettis. DEC Celebris/Venturis PCs are models of the OIlivetti M4 and maybe M6 Modulo series. But which one is which Olivetti model?

Or, look at this Celebris 466 821WW https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/dec-di … 21ww-1982385156 and https://www.ebay.com/itm/233914578769?hash=it … 6QAAOSwzypgPEj9 - the chassis is the same as Olivetti M24-New P75..166 and M4 Modulo P75...166S (S at the end is small formfactor), only slightly different plastics frontpanel design. But this is Celebtis 486 class - I don*t know which Olivetti in that chassis is 486, I only know the pentium class machines yet.

Look at this Celebris 590 https://picclick.com/Rare-Vintage-DIGITAL-Cel … 3779122477.html looking very similar to M4 Modulo Pxxx without the S (big desktop formfactor). There were also Venturis machines in midi tower formfactor made by Olivetti, no idea of their model names at the italian maker.

DECstation 210 and 220 are also definitve Olivetti 286 machines, but which one? The 2nd link says M250E, that is possible as the BA241 maniboard was used there and the chassis looks quite simiar https://wiki.hellsnet.lu/doku.php?id...:decstation210 and https://robs-old-computers.com/colle...ecstation-220/

I ask, because I found a website, where one can download the setup utility disks for many and drivers for DECstation and Celebris / Venturis PCs, so they also must work on many Olivetti machines. But which of the disks matches to which Olivetti model?

Having these disks is essential for many Olivetti PCs of that era because they did not have built in BIOS setup, but it was started from diskette. (means: if ctrl+alt+del+shift does not work, then you need the diskette). These diskettes also contain important drives and other system related essential tools. And there is no copy of historic Olivetti website or BBS with these important files.

Note, that of these DECstation, Celebris and Venturis also were later and earlier models which were not made by Olivetti. Also the DEC HiNote notebooks of the same time (later branded as Compaq Amada series) do not look like Olivetti made.

Can anybody help?

This is the website: http://declegacy.gomtuu.net/legacysupport/dig … l/epidmstr.html?