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Hi all,

I've purchased a faulty Shuttle 591P motherboard. In fact, it works ok but it has bulged capacitors which I plan to replace soon.

At some point I popped the BIOS chip (29EE010) into my programmer. Saved the BIOS and programmed the latest version I found online.

Since then, the board has failed to boot. Black screen. Obviously I tried flashing the original BIOS but still black screen.

Now, it could be that the caps just decided to fail "enough" just now so the board refuses to boot. Coincidence?

I'm using a TL866II. I read the BIOS, which read ok, and saved it with default settings. If I verify the chip now, it passes the check.

Any ideas? I'm attaching the file I saved.

Thank you!

EDIT: A Clear CMOS fixed the problem! Thanks!


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