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Aside from Facebook and Fleabay (ridiculous prices), are there any active and relatively reliable online marketplaces that tend to only deal in the sort of gear that we are accustomed to?

I'm tired of seeing auctions for a 20 year old filthy AF mid tower case missing 75% of what it came with new selling for 200 dollars or more.

I don't have a good vintage market locally, and I'm just getting kind of disillusioned when it comes to some builds that I'm in the middle of.

W95 SE440BX2/P2 233MMX/128MB SDR/Riva TNT2/Voodoo1/AWE64 Gold
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XP P4P800/P4 3.0/2GB DDR/ATI X1600 PRO/X-Fi
W7 nForce 790i/E8600/8GB DDR3/GTX 285 SLI/X-Fi Ti HD

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Amibay is another good source for old parts, often (but not always) cheaper then ebay. There are forums for various systems, as well as an "other hardware" forum for PCs and parts

See my graphics card database at www.gpuzoo.com
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