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Hi, i had bought a soyo 5eh5 v1.3 that doesn't have the capacitors soldered in
does someone that has the same version can tell me what are the values for these capacitors?
there are 8 capacitors, 2 under the socket in the vrm area (i think), 5 at the left of the socket and one at the top, at the right of the sdram slots.

thanks a lot

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Don't have that board, but if no one else can help, I did find a thread on Badcaps about Soyo boards and Wendell capacitors: https://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=241
There's a couple of pictures toward the end that sound like what you're describing (5+2 around the CPU, 1 by RAM).

Resolution is a bit low, but it looks to me like those are all 1500uF / 6.3V [edit: maybe the one by the RAM is only 1000uF? Don't think fitting a 1500uF would cause any problems]
If you do swap them fit new ones, try and check what voltages they're actually working at. It's possible some by the CPU socket (maybe those two slightly separate ones) are on the input side of the voltage regulator, and if that's at 5V then the capacitors probably ought to be at least 10V rated.