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Very interesting reviews about the pentium, 486, chipsets and VLB cards. I didn't know that page. There are few entries but they are good.
Since the search is broken i don't know if it has been mentioned already.

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The man himself is on here. Let's see if a cross thread quote sends out the bat signal...

mpe wrote on 2020-12-06, 10:38:

See my Pentium chipset comparison how it compares.

I am amazed by the UMC performance though, with performance interleaved with some configurations of 430FXs why didn't they clean up???

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Hey guys, I need some strong help on a very old motherboard that I want to find a bios update
Motherboard is the INTEL SE440BX (NOT BX-2 OR BX-3)
I cannot find any bios updates online, if anyone knows a trusty website that has bios updates for old motherboards please reply
Here's an example of how the motherboard looks : http://www.inbus.com/products/desktop/se440bx.htm