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Hi, i own a Toshiba Tecra500CDT i won in a auction for pretty cheap, after some maintenance (and removal of RTC/clock batteries to prevent leakage) wanted to replace the very small 1.26GB Toshiba HDD called Toshiba Hard Disk Pack and it's starting to struggle. which has that annoying odd screwhole placement of early thick 2.5 HDDs, which i have to unwrap of their isolating foil and brackets, tried to use a passive CF adapter a 2GB generic CF card but with no luck the card was even detected, even with a 512MB SanDisk CF card, worked with my Dell Latitude LM and Compaq Presario laptops just fine, except with the Toshiba Tecra 500CDT, which it refuses to detect it, FDISK doesn't detect any of them, the BIOS is no help either doesn't have any option to manually input the hard disk type or size, i think is up to autodetection and probably doesn't use LBA, albeit this disk works fine in my IDE to USB adapter in my modern machines.