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Not sure if this is the place to ask, so mods feel free to move if required.

I've a collection of old computer parts that I use on a regular basis and would like to keep them in working order. I've very little experience in recapping and wouldn't want to risk breaking old hardware trying to do preventative fixes.

Is there anyone in the UK whom I could pay to recap some components such as 3x old motherboards (two for PCs, one for my Amiga A1200) and a few graphics cards/sound cards.

I also have a Philips CRT Amiga monitor and the flyback transformer recently blew, again this just needs a new one soldered in place of the old one but as per above plus I'm not comfortable working with the voltages of a CRT.

Thank you

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Putting aside CRT work, don't be afraid to recap your boards. I was once in your position (as are most), but I decided to look at some instructions online, watch a few YouTube videos and get the job done myself. I didn't even buy a board to practice on. I just bought the soldering equipment, quality Rubicon capacitors, and dove right in. I haven't had any board malfunctions, even with my amateurish skills.

Of course, I recommend you operate on a board you don't care about (even buying one off of eBay or picking one up at a local flea market), but I was more of a risk taker in this regard.

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