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The old Watchguard Fireboxes (Firebox FB10, FB100) uses well known PC mainboards like ASUS P55TP4N.
The successor of the first Fireboxes, Watchguard Firebox FB II and FB III are using the same technology, but smaller, not well known PC mainboards.
Transforming the FB 10 and FB100 Boxes into a retro PC is really easy and makes fun (theses boxes even have floppy drives).
If you want to transform a Firebox II into a retro PC, it is still somewhat easy, because these boxes have a CF Card slot, connected internally to the IDE controller, and the 6pin keyboard connector is also well known.
But I have a Firebox III (1000), which seems to be a bit more difficult.
It's still PC hardware (and not properitary router hardware), but the jumper and the 4pin connectors are for me a mystery. I attached a schematic picture of the board, the jumper #6 to #8 are the BF jumper for the CPU multiplier (CPU is an AMD K6-2 300), and the jumper can be set to a result of e.g. 350 MHz instead of 300 MHz, still easy.
But I do not know which of the 2 jumper, #1 or #2, is for connecting a PS/2 Keyboard (this info - that one of the 2 jumper is for that purpose - can be found, but not which one).
Also, I do not know which of the 3 jumper #3,#4 and #5 is for choosing IDE Master or Slave, and which one is for erasing the 8MB flash memory drive, which is integrated on the mainboard.
Sounds still not too difficult, but I do *NOT* want to erase the flash memory drive. So just by trying out will have a 33% chance to destroy the content of the flash memory, and that could lead into a non-working unit, not recoverable (until you program the flash chip again).

So I am desperately searching for an info about these 3 jumpers (which one is for what) not near by the CPU, and also which of the 2 connector is for what. Does anybody have an info about this ?