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hi guys,
im looking for a POST diagnostics cards to buy..
plenty of cheap ones on ebay etc
but looking at them there a few different varieties... the most obvious difference is whether to get a 2 digit or 4 digit display..
im going to use this on pentium 1 through 3.. 1996 -2002 approx systems..

recommendations or advice appreciated..


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That 4 digit one allows to be used in ISA slots too.
It's switch allows you to scroll into past post codes.
It's second 2 digits show you the previous post code.
And its beeper can be connected to your motherboard's PC speaker output.

Just look that the ISA connector has the contacts in the right way.
Firstly, there are boards with misaligned contacts out there...
Secondly, the printed "rear" side must be where the slot sheets are.

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The ones on the right quite often has bad solder joints. I've bought few cards advertised as damaged, hoping to recover the Altera CPLD.
All of them had bad solder work on LED indicators, and on the one card the LED indicator just fell off the board 😀

The one on the left seems more useful. It has both ISA and PCI connectors, it indicates previous code (it's always good to know what was the previous step BIOS was busy before the current).