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For the first time I can think of I don't meet the DVD disk drive requirements for a game...

My normal SATA DVD drive died which was modern and I never once even thought about what speed it was. It just worked for loading up my not-that-retro-but-pre-steam games. In fact I can't remember the last time (or if I ever did) I cared about optical drive speed considering I skipped the running from cd/dvd era of FMV games.

That drive died however and now I am stuck with a DVD 5x IDE drive from 2000 or so that came with a budget pre built from 1999/2000.

I'm installing Test Drive Unlimited and it lists 8x speed as the minimum. I'll let you know what the consequences of this is when I run the game (I suspect nothing). I think that it runs entirely from the SSD I have.

Edit - OK the consequence is that It's taking 50 years to install

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