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For the last month I've been trying to build a Super Socket 7 PC and quite frankly not had much luck. I bought a SOYO SY-5EMA but that started going mental after one week. Meanwhile I bought a TNT2 Ultra only to find that it has irreparable ghosting, but I'm not that fussed about it as you can barely notice it when playing games. Then I bought a ASUS P5A 1.06 and realised it didn't support the AMD K6-2+ without soldering a resistor to the CPU pin (which I've done) AND and mis-print in the manual (and the board) meant I wasn't supplying 2v to the CPU and the board failed to POST. Then when I tried to update the firmware it wouldn't work because the software was wrong, I'd used AWDFlash but need Aflash instead. Then W98se crashed everytime windows loaded and the desktop appeared. Then my Dell CRT died so I'm having to use an LG flat panel.

Still it's all working now and I just need a new CRT and I can start playing some games. Half-Life first!

I ran 3DMark 2000 and got a score of 1762 which I'm happy with.

Anyway thanks for listening!

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Asus P5A v1.06, Gigabyte GA-6BXDS, Soyo SY-5EMA (faulty), Viglen 486, Asus SP97-V

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I feel your pain, sometimes I want to just order a recycling pickup and throw it all away, but then again, this is part of this hobby - getting it all work in the end, just to do it all again later. I spend more time tinkering and getting shit to work than play games with my retro stuff.

Looks like a nice project, have fun with it.

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Ah the fun of dealing with cranky old computers.
Means its all the more enjoyable when it finally all together and working!