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for shits and gigs i thought i do a build of a system i had back in the day.. was a cyrix MII 266 on a (yes garbage) ampton / pc-chips MB..
now this was a totally crap waste of time "upgrade" from my pentium 100 and yes i fell for the hype thinking this was really going to show my mates how inferior their intel systems were .. thought id show all these people wanting 233mmx's whats what.. yeah nah, it was a lesson learned..

anyway went off looking the other day.. pretty shocked at the prices.. i mean these are junk.. whats the deal?

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Simply that we are 25 years later and there are much less Cyrix chips than Intel ones. At this point only "collectors" are interested in them so prices go up even for "junk". But you see them at 10-20€ from time to time.

Searching a Nexgen Nx586 with FPU, PM me if you have one. I have some Athlon MP systems and cookies.