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Worst Memory Pig...ever

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First post, by Nicht Sehr Gut

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(Migrating this thread from the VDMSound page)

Does anyone have a list of the absolute worst "Conventional Memory" pigs out there? These are the ones that need about 600K of conventional memory, yet still need CD-ROM and mouse (and possibly VESA and/or Soundcard drivers) as well.

So far the worst offender I've found has been SSI's "Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager" which needs 605k plus mouse & CD to work (back when I got it I also had to load Soundlblaster emulation as well).

I was tring to do some testing to see if I can truly and finally relax about "Conventional Memory" requirements.

Colin's already come up with the DreamWeb-CD (needing > 590Kb conventional memory needed with a CD driver, sound driver, and EMS ).

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Reply 1 of 4, by Snover

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Y'know, I've been trying to think up games that need this much memory, but I honestly can't remember any. I suppose that's a good thing, but it could just be that I:

  1. Haven't played enough old games
  2. Haven't lived long enough
  3. Have a really bad memory


(This thread was moved because it was not Guide relevant.)

Yes, it’s my fault.

Reply 2 of 4, by Nicht Sehr Gut

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It's never a concern right up to the point where you're trying to run a game and you just _can't_ do it. I've also come to find out that even with UMBPCI, that I still have to go in and manually edit config.sys for EMS memory regions. Blech...

Star Wars: Dark Forces seems to come to mind (needing EMS memory). Although, (if I could figure out how to make it work) I'd rather run the Mac version as it has the 640x480 resolution.

Reply 3 of 4, by Llewen

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🤣 Nicht

I remember having to frig around and frig around and frig around some more trying to get Dark Sun and Wake of the Ravager enough conventional memory. They were great games for their time though. That game start in Dark Sun in the arena has to be still one of my favorite starts to any rpg.