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Sound Blaster Emulator for Dos?

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aaronwhooley wrote:
Worked fine on my Samsung Netbook With MS DOS 7.10 installed […]
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Dominus wrote:

And? Dosbox relies on existing and working sound drivers of the host. The host being Dos and no sound drivers for Dos means no sound in Dosbox. Dosbox can't produce sound out of thin air 😉

Worked fine on my Samsung Netbook With MS DOS 7.10 installed

There is a custom version of HX available here http://freedos.10956.n7.nabble.com/HX-DOS-ext … rt-td24534.html

I copied that to my hard drive along with dos box and it ran with sound! 😉

Late to reply, but if you read the link you provided you actually prove my point.

Windows 3.1x guide for DOSBox
60 seconds guide to DOSBox
DOSBox SVN snapshot for macOS (10.4-11.x ppc/intel 32/64bit) notarized for gatekeeper

Reply 81 of 81, by Paralel

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Also late to reply, but you guys may want to take a look at the DSP Solutions Port-Able Sound Plus software. It has a Sound Blaster emulator that was capable of FM Synthesis and Digital Sound. It was able to do this with a piece of hardware that was just essentially just an ASIC and a DSP, hanging off of a parallel port, from what I understand.