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10th Anniversary

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Reply 21 of 64, by SquallStrife

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DonutKing wrote:

Anyone notice the party hat on the site logo? 😀


Qbix wrote:

With the help of dada@irc, I've made some subtle change to the forum in order to celebrate this 10th Anniversary!



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Reply 26 of 64, by nemesis

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Wow... ten years. I've only been a member for a short time, but I've visited several times long before joining.

Just took a walk down memory lane. I wish I knew back then what I know now. I'm sure most of you guys agree with me on that.
First computers, first upgrades,... first time I did something really stupid with a computer (magnet on the monitor). I'm glad that Vogons is here for me to share and learn with you guys. May it last for decades to come.

Reply 28 of 64, by general_vagueness

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Ten years, that's a nice accomplishment. I owe this site, I think it helped me get settled on the Internet, and I know I owe more than that, I'm just not sure what.
congratulations Snover et al. 😁

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Reply 32 of 64, by HunterZ

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Congrats everyone on neither getting Snover in enough trouble nor pissing him off enough to shut us down 😀

Stiletto wrote:
robertmo wrote:

What happened to Nicht Sehr Gut? His last post is from 2003-11-15

No idea for sure, the last news that was shared among us was severe Real Life Syndrome back in early 2004.

I was going to ask the same thing when I saw this thread and the "oldest thread/post" links. Every once in a while I dig up my old link to members sorted by number of posts, and he still always ranks ridiculously high.

Reply 35 of 64, by Tetrium

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I can't believe I missed the party 😅

Happy Birthday Vogons! And many years to come! 😁

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Reply 37 of 64, by Splinter

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Now why didn't I know about this place ten years ago?
Scratches head smiley...

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