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First post, by robertmo

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wiki says there are more levels on sega 32x version

mac has higher resolution, while sega 32x has nicer backgrounds

what is the difference between pc floppy and cd versions?
I see there are more codes for floppy version than cd version. does that mean floppy has more levels or just cd is harder to play cause of rarer codes?

Reply 3 of 9, by F2bnp

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Always hated the 90's bad CGI look on the 32X and Macintosh versions. The extra levels for the 32X might be cool, but since Blizzard didn't create them they might be out of line with the rest of the game.
As for the CD-ROM version, it may have containted Redbook Audio tracks, although it most probably is just the same game on a plain CD-ROM. Hardcore Gaming 101 is rarely wrong, they usually do their research.

Reply 7 of 9, by robertmo

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I have to say Sega32x version is way better - doesn't have that disgusting menu, and the enhanced background doesn't make the game so depressing. The first and last scenery is still depressing but the first one is at least slightly less disgusting.
And snowy mountains are very good.
The minus points for sega are missing scenery animations and ugly waterfalls.

Reply 9 of 9, by Dimitris1980

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I found a PC CD version of the game which seems that the CD is filled especially with demos of other games but I couldn't run it yet.

So, does the PC CD version has audio music? However the floppy version is fantastic with Roland Sound Canvas.

Macintosh version has a sympathetic midi music if you don't put the CD in the drive. If you put it then the fantastic audio music replaces the midi music.

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