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i'll take for granted you all know about the tekwar game,for good or,much probably,for bad.

even 20 years ago i found this game to be bad,thought there were worst games at the time..i found that pixellated fmv actors creepy yet interesting.as well as the locations.the music was ok though

i played it once or twice during the years up until the day i wanted to finish it.and i did.and i have so many questions...

many reviews online,amongst the various complains,states that there are items\weapons that are never used or enabled,probably because the game was rushed,like the "conscience" bar in the status bar,or an item called "accu track",which,even if you can pick it up,it just does nothing.the thing that bothers me the most is having an eighth weapon,said throwable bombs,that can't be picked up,yet they are in the game,spreaded around the maps(even multiplayer maps).i started today one of said multiplayer map,just for the heck of it,and there are so many useless bombs there...makes me wonder if the reason that they can't be picked up is another?

do you guys knows more about it?or a line of code that could "re-enable" them?