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OT: DOS compatibility sound chips

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Originally posted by Maetryx Creative Labs does not appear to have drivers for that SB16 PCI for either MS-DOS or Windows 3.x available for download.

Are you looking for actual DOS support? or MS-DOS mode support for Windows9x?

Be aware that while "MS-DOS Mode" of Win9x is nearly identical to that of plain DOS, some DOS drivers for Win9x won't work in DOS6 or earlier. For example the SB Live works in DOS for Win9x, it doesn't work properly (if at all) in DOS6.

... the link to the Aopen AW540, which really does advertise MS-DOS support on the manufacturer's own website

Be prepared for that to disappear completely. Just last year all Philip's sound cards had DOS support, now there's no mention of it and I think there's only a couple of cards left that support it.