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Hey folks,

Found myself doing "the thing" here again today, and thought, you know what, I bet my good buddies at Vogons might like a tip like this. You've got a nice smooth desk surface and you have older hardware, like a keyboard or laptop that's got it's rubber feet all shined up and hard and it's moving all over the place. What's a person to do? Just grab the handy dandy generic shelf liner from your local dollar store, this kinda crap... https://www.dollartree.com/non-slip-gray-grip … in-rolls/307358 and cut a piece with scissors to make a CUSTOM (woo woo) non slip mat for your slippy crap.

But wait there's more...

Goes good under USB floppies and external optical drives too to prevent having to chase them all round the desk to get a disk in. Possibly might work for some kinds of joysticks if you're light with them, myself, I don't think anything short of screwing it down would keep them still for me, the suction cups don't. Though I might make a note to try it with an original wingman, which you use with one hand on the base anyway.... when I remember where that is.

Handy also for having a charging/syncing mat for your phones, tablets, cameras etc, so minor brushes or snags of the cable, or just moving your mouse wrong, doesn't send them skittering like a hockey puck.

Even modern kit with fresh feet, it can sometimes do a better job on lap desks etc, when you wanna recline at an angle and the machine don't wanna stay put.

Anyway, hope it helps someone out, I find it pretty durned useful.

2017: Basement full of ancient PC stuff, starting to go through it. 2021: Still starting, heh, many setbacks. So what's this BitWrangler guy's deal ??? >>> Taming the pile, specs to target?

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Good tip. I personally like the mauve stuff. Flogged it from wifeys workshop:


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