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Below are the games I've noted that I have from online stores or websites, I haven't gone through all my other games yet.

Alpha Protocol
Amid Evil
Amnesia A Machine for Pigs
Arx Fatalis
Assassin's Creed Games (2+)
Atom RPG
Baldur's Gate (MODS)
Baldur's Gate Enhanced DLC
Baldur's Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal
Batman Arkam Origins
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
Batman Arkham Knight
Batman The TellTale Series Season 1 + 2
Battlezone 2
Beautiful Desolation
Beyond Good and Evil
Blood 2
Bloodstained ritual of the night
Borderlands 2 DLC
Borderlands 3 DLC
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC
Call of Juarez
Command and Conquer Red Alert 2
Crusader No Remorse
Cyberpunk 2077 DLC
Dark Mod
Dark Souls Remastered
Dawn of War 2
Deus Ex (MODS)
Devil May Cry HD Collection
Disco Elysium
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced
Doom Mod: Doom 4 Vanilla
Doom 64 via Doom Retribution
Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age Origins
Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary (Also all DLC and mods)
Dungeon Siege
Enderal Forgotten Stories
Fallout 1 (MODS)
Fallout 2 (MODS)
Fallout 1 Nevada
Fallout 1 Sonora
Fallout 3 (MODS)
Fallout 4 (MODS)
Fallout New Vegas (MODS)
Fallout New Vegas New California
Fallout Tactics
Far Cry 2
Far Cry 3
Far Cry 4
Forsaken Remastered
Freespace 2
Full Throttle Remastered
Gears 5
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Ghostbusters Remastered
Ghostrunner (GOG)
Grand Theft Auto IV
Ground Control
GTA Vice City
Half-Life Alyx (REQUIRES VR)
Half-Life Blue Shift
Half-Life Opposing Force (Replay)
Halo 2+
Hard Reset
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
Hitman 3 (1+2 as well)
Hitman Absolution
Homeworld Remastered
Horizon Zero Dawn
I am Alive
Icewind Dale Remastered
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Life is Strange 2
Mass Effect games (DLC)
Mechwarrior games
Metal Gear Solid V
Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor
Monster Hunter World
Morrowind (MODS)
Mutant Year Zero
Neverwinter Nights Modules and Mods
Neverwinter Nights 2 DLC and mods (Storm of Zehir for sure) (Mask of the Betrayer)
Nier Replicant
Nioh Complete Edition
No Man's Sky
Oblivion (MODS)
Outcast Second Contact
Pillars of Eternity
Postal 2
Prey (2017) Mooncrash (Need to finish)
Project Warlock
Quake (MODS)
Quake Remastered (Play with Quakespasm, spiked or vkquake)
Quake II RTX (Requires RTX Video card)
Rage 2 (DLC)
Red Dead Redemption 2
Remnant from the Ashes
Resident Evil 1
Rise of the Triad (2013)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R mods
Saints Row 2
Serious Sam Fusion 1,2 and 3 DLC
Serious Sam 4
Seven: Enhanced Edition (Humble)
Shadowrun Dragonfall
Shadowrun Hong Kong
Shadowrun Returns
Skyrim (MODS)
Soldier of Fortune games
Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Stalker Clear Sky
Starcraft 2
Star Wars Squadrons (Origin)
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
Supreme Commander 2
System Shock 2 (MODS)
Tell Me Why
Tex Murphy Overseer
Tex Murphy Pandora Directive
Tex Murphy Under A Killing Moon
Tex Murphy Martian Memorandum
Thief 1 (MODS)
Thief 2 (MODS)
The Bard's Tale
The Evil Within
The Forest
The Long Dark (Wait until episode 5 released)
The Surge 2
The Talos Principle
The Witcher 1
The Witcher 2
Titan Quest
Throne of Darkness
Torment Tides of Numenera
Turok 2
Ultima 8
Ultima 9
Unreal Gold
Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines (Play again?)
Vampire The Masquerade Redemption
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War
Wasteland 1+2+3
Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs Legion
X-Com Enemy Unknown
Zork games


Alan Wake DLC
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
Amnesia The Dark Descent
Death Stranding (Finish game once Director's cut comes out)
Observer (Wait for cheap Redux version)
System Shock
The Witcher 3



Fallout New Vegas

Tale of Two Wastelands

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Reply 1 of 52, by MrFlibble

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DosFreak wrote on 2021-08-08, 15:57:

Command and Conquer Red Alert 2

Play these and basically forget about everything else.

Oh, and it's Beneath a Steel Sky, not Beyond.

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Reply 4 of 52, by 386SX

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Until some years ago the pc games I wanted to finish (I never played many pc or console games anyway, only few interesting ones) but I always regretted I did not, were the old Thief 1 and Thief 2 games. Lately I bought the original first and I already had the second original one. Even if I began them on a slow and strange config (Atom dual core and SGX545 gpu) with low fps (15-25fps on T2, 25-40fps on T1 probably @ 1024x768), I finished them both and it was a great old style pc game experience. The latest game I finished on PC with a similar good experience it must have been probably Half Life 2 in its time.

Reply 6 of 52, by robertmo

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"From Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword series, with art direction by Dave Gibbons, legendary comic book artist behind ‘Watchmen’, comes ‘Beyond A Steel Sky’, the long awaited sequel to the cult classic ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’."

Reply 7 of 52, by BitWrangler

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I have a very short list of games I've actually finished. So list of games I have yet to finish, with a tiny percentage error* is www.mobygames.com 🤣

Finishing a level 😁 👍
Finishing a game 🙁 👎

Usually find the experience underwhelming and feel kind of annoyed that there's not another level or puzzle or mission or whatever.

*Probably not a whole lot larger error in it being a list of games I haven't played yet, considering there is so many and I'm not what you might call a voracious gamer.

Unicorn herding operations are proceeding, but all the totes of hens teeth and barrels of rocking horse poop give them plenty of hiding spots.

Reply 8 of 52, by RandomStranger

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Games I already have, but never got around to play.

Alice: Madness Returns - Just got it a couple of days ago for Xbox 360. It's really a forgotten game, no longer available on Steam and the used console retail versions are go for almost brand new price.
Borderlands - Steam freebie. I wasn't interested enough in the series to buy it, but curious because of the hype.
Dragon's Crown - I bought the japanese version 2 or 3 months ago... and it's in japanese. I'm in the middle of learning the language, but at least 1 year away to try and go through the game.
Fallout Tactics - I have it (gaming magazine freebie) for over 10 years, but never put it in a PC.
Gears of War 1 - My first X360 got RRoD right before I beat the last boss and never had the resolve to go through the game again.
Lolipop Chainsaw - Japanese version, but it has english language. I played about 1hr, and put it down because I was in the middle of something else. And my backlog is too long.
Motorstorm - Same as with Lilipop. Played 2 races after I bought and put it aside.
Mount & Blade - GoG freebie. I always found it intriguing, now I have it, I and I still didn't try it.
Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction - also a recent aquisition. I found it in a local shop for $8 and couldn't leave on the shelf.
Uncharted 3 - I didn't get into the series as much as I expected to. I enjoy it very much, but I think the PS fans overhype them.

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Reply 9 of 52, by chinny22

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I'm honest with myself. I know full well I'll probably never finish a lot of my games even though I do enjoy them alot every now and then Dos platformers as the worst for this (think Jill of the Jungle, Halloween Harry)
But top 5 games I feel I should complete but deep down know I never will.

-Wolf3D, I feel I should complete the graddaddy of 3D shooters but I grew up with Doom so its a step back and gets very repetitive.
-Dune2, Same as above, the Granddaddy of RTS but the game is so slow!!
-Prince of Persia, Great game in short doses but doubt I'll ever make it all the way though.
-Command and Conquer 2 and onwards, I'd like to finish the storyline but gameplay wise I prefer the earlier titles
-Red Alert 3 and onwards, same reason as above

Top 5 Games that have taken over 20 years to complete but will someday, it just may take another 10+ years.
Crystal Caves, made good progress on this 2 years ago. Haven't played since but know I will when I get the urge for an old Apogee title.
Duke3D, Finished shareware loads of times but was saving E2, E3 for a LAN that never happened.
Diablo 2, I lost interest after finishing the base game then lost my character so still haven't started LOD. So will have to play though again. I just need to stick with a character long enough to reach that point.
GTA San Andreas, Finished 3 and VC at least twice now so it's long overdue to complete the story of SA. I'm not bothered about 100% completion though.
NFS4 & Porsche career modes. I'm working of 4 now but wanting to race every car in every event slows things down alot.

Reply 10 of 52, by RandomStranger

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chinny22 wrote on 2021-08-23, 08:46:

-Prince of Persia, Great game in short doses but doubt I'll ever make it all the way though.

How short are those doses? The game is around 45 mins long from start to finish. Or it's the 2008 reboot?

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Reply 11 of 52, by chinny22

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RandomStranger wrote on 2021-08-23, 11:22:
chinny22 wrote on 2021-08-23, 08:46:

-Prince of Persia, Great game in short doses but doubt I'll ever make it all the way though.

How short are those doses? The game is around 45 mins long from start to finish. Or it's the 2008 reboot?

15-30 min?
It's the original but I don't know where I'm going (and refuse to look it up) I end up exploring a fair bit.

Reply 12 of 52, by MrFlibble

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When I was a kid I did not know you could save your progress in PoP, and kept playing until the time ran out (the "Linger" guard on level 8 was usually to blame). I discovered the save/load feature sometime in the early 2000s and was able to complete the game. I remember level 9 being especially confusing, but the game on the whole is built around the trial-and-error concept so it's fine.

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Reply 13 of 52, by gaffa2002

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Also finished the original Prince of Persia (well, the SDLPop source port actually) by using saves. Ok, I cheated a bit as I got to the last boss with only a few seconds left, cheated to add another 5 minutes to the game 😀
There are many games that I’d like to finish, but one that feels intimidating to me are the older Tomb Raider games. Only recently I managed to beat TR1 and 2 on the playstation and considering that TR3,4 and 5 are even longer games, I feel that I will not have the discipline required to finish them.
Another game that I never finished was Warcraft 2, I tried many times, but I always end up dropping it before finishing any of the campaigns.
Funny thing is that I finished the original Warcraft a couple times with both orc and human, was even able to finish Warcraft 3 back in the day when it was new (the vanilla one, not the frozen throne expansion).
NFS Most Wanted (2005) is another game I like but could never bring myself to finish…
Oh, and the Marathon trilogy, there are just too many 🙁.


My DOS/ Win98 PC specs

EP-7KXA Motherboard
Athlon Thunderbird 750mhz
256Mb PC100 RAM
Geforce 4 MX440 64MB AGP (128 bit)
Sound Blaster AWE 64 CT4500 (ISA)

Reply 14 of 52, by Brawndo

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I still haven't beat Skyrim. I got caught up in the modding scene early into my time playing the game and just spent a disproportionate amount of time tweaking mods rather than playing the game. Now with decent mod packs out there (Ultimate Skyrim is my go to) I just need to invest that time to play. I keep starting characters then getting distracted by other things, like putting together more retro PCs.

I know, first world problem.

Reply 15 of 52, by Sombrero

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Games I've played but not yet finished:
- C&C: Red Alert, the Allied campaign. I love the C&C series up to RA2 but I still haven't beaten the Allied campaign, I just find it less fun
- Battlezone, always liked the game but for some reason never finished it
- Hidden & Dangerous, same as Battlezone
- Baldur's Gate, charming game but I've always gotten bored of it before I've been able to beat it. Maybe one day
- Thief: The Dark Project, I did give this a try ages ago and liked it but wasn't really in the mood for a stealth game at the time and put it aside.

Games I haven't yet played at all but like to beat:
- Thief 2
- Operation Flashpoint
- Tomb Raider 4&5
- Morrowind

DOS/Win98SE: Abit BX133-RAID / P3 650MHz / Voodoo3 3000 / 128MB SDRAM / SB Live! / Orpheus
WinXP: Asus P5K / P4 HT 651 3.4GHz (D0) / 6800 GT / 2GB DDR2 / X-Fi
WinXP/7: MSI Z77A-G43 / i5-3570 / GTX 960 / 8GB DDR3 / X-Fi

Reply 16 of 52, by RaiderOfLostVoodoo

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Sombrero wrote on 2021-10-23, 05:38:

- C&C: Red Alert, the Allied campaign. I love the C&C series up to RA2 but I still haven't beaten the Allied campaign, I just find it less fun

Long time since I did play the campaigns. I finished both.

A trick that is useful for the Allied campaing:
Cruisers, cruisers and more cruisers!
Even if there's just a small puddle of water, you should build a shipyard and use the cruisers as turrets. Their reach is just insane.

Reply 17 of 52, by Kalle

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-Dune2, Same as above, the Granddaddy of RTS but the game is so slow!!

You can alter the game speed in the options, I always use "Very Fast".
Maybe it's because I grew up with it, but I never found Dune II to be slow. Well, units do move half speed when off screen, so if you keep them on screen as often as possible when sending them somewhere then it won't take them long to arrive.