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I'm the player of an old MMO from the 90s that's still online called Dark Ages. Pretty much the code hasn't been updated much from the 90s either 😀
When in the game you can can access a list of all players currently online. You can see what it looks like in the screenshot attached.

I'm trying to find a way to get this list out of the game and into standard text. I've tried poking around in the game client's memory when it's running, but it's location and how it's stored has thus far eluded me. So I am thinking some kind of OCR is probably the only way. The game runs at a fixed 640x480 resolution and uses a single custom monospaced font. The player list always in the exact same position when opened, and player names start at the same places as well.

I'm ultimately looking to have a bot character who is stationed in the game 24/7 and continually fetches an updated list which is then used for various purposes by the player community. First though I'd like to get an clear idea what's the best way of pulling the text out of character list.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!


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