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Due to family and other excursions, need to jettison some stuff and no longer have space for these old programming/computer books (Win311/Win9x/Win2k/VB/OpenGL/C#/AutoCAD ARX). Haven't got the heart to throw them out so they are free to anyone who wants them.

In Sedgemoor/Somerset (South-West UK) if you want to pick them up or I can drive a few miles locally to drop them off. PM me if interested.

Unfortunately they will go to that big library in the sky in about a weeks time. Can't really spend too much time with this anymore so they will have to go as a lot. If you want to send them to that big library in the sky... so be it... I just don't want the blood of dead trees on my hands 😉

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Rapid Prototyping [ISBN 0273033093]
Visual Basic 6 Client/Server How-to [ISBN 1571691545]
Visual Basic 6 Desktop (Exam prep) [ISBN 1576102602]
Programming C# 4.0 [ISBN 9780596159832]
C++ Programming Language, Stroustrup (2nd Edition) [ISBN 0201539926]
Doing Objects in MS Visual Basic 5.0 [ISBN 1562764446] (with CD)
Software Engineering (6th Edition) [ISBN 020139815]
Inside COM (Microsoft Press) [ISBN 1572313498]
Advacned Visual Basic 5 (Microsoft Press) [ISBN 1572314141]
Visual Basic 2005:The Language [ISBN 0735621837]
Computer Graphics Using OpenGL (2nd Edition) [ISBN 0133203263]
Getting Results with MSOffice for Win95 [ISBN ????]
Inside 3D Studio Release 4.0 [ISBN 1562054151]
Code Complete (Microsoft Press) [ISBN 1556154844]
MS Windows Multimedia Programmers Reference [ISBN 1556153899]
Windows Interface Application Design Guide (Microsoft Press) [ISBN 1556153848] (notes scribbled throughout)
Windows API New Testament [ISBN 1878739379] (with CD)
Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 Foundations for Games [ISBN 9780240811949] (with CD)
Designing Secure Web-based Apps for Win2000 [ISBN 0735609950] (with CD)
MS Office Project 2003 Step by Step [ISBN 0735619557]
OpenGL Programming Guide (6th Edition) (OpenGL2.1)
OpenGL Shading Language (2nd Edition)
GPU GEMS 2 [ISBN 0321335597] (with CD)
AutoCAD R14 Object ARX developer guide
AutoCAD R14 Object ARX migration guide

(last two not AutoCAD ARX guides not photgraphed)

Picked up from various jobs over the years during office clearouts etc.

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If I was on your side of the pond, I would pick those up in a heartbeat.

Yamaha YMF modified setupds and drivers
Yamaha XG resource repository - updated November 27, 2018
Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide
AW744L II - YMF744 - AOpen Cobra Sound Card - Install SB-Link Header

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cyclone3d wrote on 2022-01-09, 00:04:

If I was on your side of the pond, I would pick those up in a heartbeat.

Shame over seas postage for weighty items is so much. That, and being raped by customs charges... otherwise I would happily send them to you 😀

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In our local supermarket, they set up some kind of "trade library" some time ago which is free to use for everybody.
You bring your books you've finished reading and trade them against something else. No supervisor/clerk necessary - it's just a big book shelf at the entrance. And this system works quite well. Since most of the books are novels, recipes or books for children, I recently added some IT related (retro) books to the shelf. I was hoping to reach a completely new audience far off ebay & classified ads...
The next time I stopped by, all of my former books seemed to have found a new home, since they were all gone.

Maybe you have a similar option at your end, as it would be a real shame to dispose the books altogether.

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