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I'm going crasy trying to solve this issue; What I'm using is:

1) Falcosoft Midi Player
2) Loopmidi
3) Midi-OX
4) External Synth Roland Integra-7

What I would like to do is this: With midi-oX I can, with "Data Mapping" features intercept the Program Change. Once I've the program change (as I use this equipment to record videogames .mid files) I need to create a Sysex and send that sysex to integra-7. So when i receive a PC, i'll need to have a sysex where i can specify (MSB, LSB and PC).
I've tryed to take a look... but I'm not understanding what to do to set this.

This is the Integra-7 Midi Implementation FIles
https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/IN … List_je01_W.pdf (voice list)

The Aim, is to build complex DataMapping Midi-Ox Files, to optimize and change some instrument on the fly (and without using a daw). For example I can map Integra SuperNatural Grand-piano when I receive a PC for piano (GM2) and so on and not use the standard GM2 Interga Kit ( Or I can map loaded Expansion for some instrument: Integra can load 4 expansion so for example if I've a midi files with a lot of woodwinds... I could load that expansion... and prepeare this king of mapping that will only work when I've loaded that expansion into integra memory).

I've figured out that integra sysex have to star with this: F0 41 10 00 00 64 12
But I'm not able to build the right sysex with Channel/MSB/LSB/PC and the right roland checksum to manage what I need.

Thank you for your help.


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