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Believe it or not just tried this game for the first time on my Win98SE rig and was wondering, are there any mods out there someone can recommend for adjusting the "eye candy" beyond 640 x 480 resolution. All I've found thus far is for modern systems -win10 and etc.

Intel D865GL Pentium 4 2.4ghz. 512MB DDR 400 Quadro4 900XGL 128MB SB Live 5.1 500W 98SE
Intel SE440BX P3 450 256MB 40GB Voodoo 3000 16MB SB 32pnp 350W 98SE
MSI x570 Gaming Pro Carbon Ryzen 3700x 32GB DDR4 Zotac RTX 3070 8GB WD Black 1TB 850W

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http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/downloa … -legacy-edition this might work in win 98.

Zdoom will allow more eye candy

Theres doom3bfg wad that is doom 2 and
nerve.wad from doom 3 bfg game.

Freedoom phase 1 and 2

Winters fury

Doom the way id did (dtwid)




> W98SE . P3 1.4S . 512MB . Q.FX3K . SB Live! . 64GB SSD
>WXP/W8.1 . AMD 960T . 8GB . GTX285 . SB X-Fi . 128GB SSD
> Win X . i7 4790k . 16GB . GTX1070TI . 256GB SSD

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I'd stick to good ole' 1.42, specially if you've got a 3dfx card, but chances are the newer, unstable builds continue to work on Win98 given the main developer was still using that for testing not long ago.

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If its your first time maybe stick to the traditional levels first.
But my brother came across "Memorial Doom" the other day. All the levels in 1 big level

https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/57974-m … eternal/?page=3