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No way, I am trying to do this dual boot through Boot Manager from floppy disc but I don't know it don't work.

So, I have two separate hard disk. Two CD-ROM drivers.

I tried to use a single IDE channel for the hard disks and set one MASTER and one SLAVE (Windows 98SE on SLAVE). With Boot Manager I didn't managed to make it work.

So I changed the disks configuration, putting the PRIMARY IDE CHANNEL on the DOS 6.22 drive (master) and the Pioneer CD-DVD/RW set to slave. Then the SECONDARY IDE CHANNEL to Windows 98SE driver (set to master) and the other CD-DVD ROM drive.

With Boot Manager I didn't manage to make it work.

I am now trying to reinstall Windows 98SE on the master disc on SECONDARY IDE CHANNEL and see. Perhaps it will automatically se the dual boot, who knows.

The DOS disk is partitioned to FAT16 and the WINDOWS98SE disk is FAT32 partitioned.

Someone of you have an idea?

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