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Hello, i'm working on review of quite old profi card and want to show differences between gaming and profi cards also in some profi benchmark. Oldest cinebench for x86 i found is 2003, where card won't shine so much because my very strong cpu's. Also SPECviewperf is alternative, but last available version is 6.1.2 which is VERY demanding for these old cards and they have there very low fps. So i'm trying to find older versions, where FPS should be higher. I know about version 6.1.1 - see http://web.archive.org/web/20000610233540/htt … tic/opcview.htm and their site in 1998 mentioned also version 5.0.
So if ayone have these old versions for x86 windows version, please upload them, thx....
PS: tried also their ftp - ftp://ftp.spec.org/dist/gpc/opc/viewperf/ , but there is oldest version 6.1.2 and acces to archive directory isn't allowed.

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