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I am so close! I have about 200 80's DOS games and I have managed to get all of them running on my my computer except for these two.

The first is 1984s Castle Wolfenstein. It has a bug where after prompting me to press enter and select between keyboard and joystick, I get into the game and am immediately caught. Then it loops between the title screen and the demo forever.

The weird thing is if I play the game in a DOS window within windows 98 it doesn't do that. Problem is that it requires something closet to an 8088@4.77mhz to be playable and I can't slow down nearly enough in windows to play the game. Any ideas? I know this one could be made to work if I just new what was causing the glitch.

The second one is probably hopeless but I thought I would ask anyway. Atarisoft's 1983 port of "Joust" will cause my computer to lock up in windows or DOS. I have tried every trick I know to get this game working but nothing. Conventional memory, high memory, EMS, I have downgraded my video bios to 1.2 with the VESA1.2 TSR which can help sometimes and I still just crash immediately. I think this is probably an issue with the game using a video mode by graphics card doesn't support, but I can't be sure.

Any help getting these last two games in my collection working would be so great. Thanks!

Via C3 Nehemiah 1.2ghz
Slot 1 Gigabyte GA 6XBC
512mb SDRAM
FX Quadro 1000
Some sound cards and voodoo cards

Windows 98 SE (unpatched)