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Ok, I want to make a test environment on my newer computer where I have the image boot in dosemu. This will save me from constantly wasting time burning the boot CD over and over again for an older computer just to test one line of code.

Anyways, anyone reading my XMSDSK story will know I have trouble getting it to work, particularly on a Dos 7 setup where attempting to access drive A and drive B return a "invalid drive specification".

I'm trying to duplicate this environment from within linux DOSEMU, but I get a different error message for attempting to access drive A. I get:

Sector not found reading drive A
Abort, Retry, Fail?

and whatever option I use, I can't exit that prompt without shutting down DOSEMU by terminating it from within the host OS (Linux).

this is the contents of emu.conf

$_hdimage = "/path/to/bootablecdimage"
$_floppy_a = ""
$_floppy_b = ""

I then execute:

dosemu -f emu.conf

and bootablecdimage is a fat16 image that I previously used in DOSEMU as a hard drive and I transferred the DOS system disk over to it so it boots.

Am I missing switches in DOSEMU?

I want it so when I try to access drive A or drive B that I receive an "Invalid drive specification" message so I can test my XMSDSK setups.

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Have you tried a different emulator like VirtualBox for instance? Might give you the environment you are looking for and access to many other OS in the future for further experimentation.