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I'm after virus definitions for both. 2005 is the last version that still supports Win 98 and as most of old software I download comes from questionable sources, having a reasonably up-to-date AV would be great.
Since Symantec changed hands most of the older definitions have been removed. Tried Way Back Machine but came up empty. I found 2014 definitions on some japanese site, but sadly these do not seem to work with Norton AV 2005.

I use F-PROT in DOS, but wanted to have something for Win 98.

DOS build: Gigabyte GA-586T2, P200 MMX, 64MB RAM, Tseng ET6000 4MB, Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold, Roland SC-55mkII, Yamaha MU-80
98SE build: MSI MS-6163 Pro, PIII 650MHz, 256MB RAM, Voodoo3 3000, Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Platinum, Yamaha SW1000XG

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chances that you will get a virus created within the last several years to even be able to execute or even run code on 98 is about the same chance that google chrome can be installed on 9x on the topic of browsers theres none that run on 9x without needing a render proxy or heavily kernel ex that can browse the web well enough to even download a shady game from a dodgy site. so ya just download from main rig and scan it there and then transfer the files. you can try clamwin if you are that paranoid.