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When I was browsing Steam Next Fest a few weeks ago, I came across a game called Expphobia. It was a pretty neat retro-style shooter all things considered.

But what peaked my interest was the system requirements, where it listed Windows XP as the minimum requirement for operating system. This got me thinking as to whether or not there's more games out there made in the last few years that work on XP or possibly older systems.

Anybody know of any?

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Difficult to say. The Steam client itself doesn't work on XP, anything that can't fallback to Dx9 won't work on XP.

Exophobia is available through GoG, so I assume the XP support is meant for that, though the GoG page doesn't list XP as supported OS.
So as for what might work, DRM-free games still supporting Dx9.

The Dead End (release date May 2022) for example doesn't list XP on it's support page on either platform, but it only needs Dx9, 4GB RAM and a Core2 CPU.
Same goes for The Dark Prophecy (release date February 2022).

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