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Picture it, Toronto 2005, the last good computer fair ever, and a guy had a stack of new white cases for $10 a pop and I only bought one. Though most of the sofware I saw at those things was "de-bundled" stuff from OEM boxes that got sold into corporate slavery, i.e. Star Office, Corel Draw, Mavis Beacon teaches typing, all of the 3rd rate or 1st rate but old titles that were basically shovelware, along with the free printer that could eat $150 of ink a month.

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Indoor flea markets have been good to me in the past where used "gems" were found. Outside of that it's been ebay and GOG.

Oh how I miss Electronics Boutique!

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ptr1ck wrote on 2023-03-07, 23:17:

The last I picked up old games was at a large indoor flea market. Whatever happened to those?

No idea. But around the year 2000, I often was visiting the local flea market (open; under the sky).
Three times a week, AFAIK. It was quite big, IMHO. 😁 I've found a lot of things there, including PCs, games etc.
I've even had a few chats with recurring sellers and other "treasure hunters". 😁

Unfortunately, after a few years, it had to make place for student homes..
It moved to another place, but never got its former glory back.

Indoor flea markets.. I visited a few, but was highly disappointed. 🙁
Everything was overpriced, the sellers had watery eyes full of greed.. No, thanks.
Ebay is a good alternative to them, IMHO.

Edit: I guess the difference simply is that classic flea markets and eBay are used by ordinary people.
At indoor flea markets, you'll rather meet the "pros" (professionals) which know the value of the things to be sold.
Or at least, which think they'd know the value. Also, they tend to sell things there for a living.

Edit: Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying visiting indoor flea markets is no option.
It is, if you need something rare and if price is secondary. It's also a place to make connections, I suppose.
If the sellers in question know you from your earlier visits, they perhaps make you better prices, maybe.
Or give you tips were to look for something.

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