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I found some weird CD in my games collection, looks like not properly finished game release "Incoming" by Rage, differs from the original release.

This is probably a version of the game released in a hurry, by mistake, or even a build for demonstration at an exhibition (but nowhere is it said that this is a demo),
why was all this rolled up in setup as a full-fledged game?

I will list the differences from the regular release in brief:

1) Dates of creation of the main files a month earlier than in the usual release (March, not April)
2) Glitchy rendering of the Rage logo on the splash screen, regardless of the video card
3) Uncleaned fragments of the developer's code in the exe file, which are not in the regular version, for example, there are such lines:

C:\Program Files\DevStudio\MyProjects\income\source\Game1.c.Mar 11 1998 13:13:39
Intel Pentium II + AGP Demonstration (c) Rage Software plc. 1997
Thank you for viewing Incoming Engine v0.01
OEM Build

4) There are only 4 scenarios in the game, without a choice: Africa, The Arctic, California, The Moon
5) Reduced game options
6) Some sound effects in wav are replaced, and some are missing
7) Minor differences in textures/graphics
😎 The last audio track is missing

The installed game takes up 25 megabytes on the disk versus 50 in a regular release.

There is also a full-fledged help file, which also does not contain a word about the demo release.

Well, enough writing, here is the release itself:

https://archive.org/details/rage-incoming-oem … d-engine-v-0.01

Heh, let me know, if i'm wrong and this is well known release, and I just waste my time for research 😀)

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