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boxpressed wrote on 2020-04-05, 14:26:
CHiLL72 wrote on 2020-04-05, 07:27:

Just read these posts and I have a boxed Turtle Beach Pinnacle, but I'm not sure if everything is still there. I'll see if I can dig it out and see if there's a code you can use.

Thank you! The number is on the product registration card, if you have one.

Found it!
I'll send it to you in a PM first, so you may try it.

Waveblaster MIDI boards: http://members.home.nl/c.kersten (site will go offline soon, looking for space elsewhere)

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CHiLL72 wrote on 2020-04-05, 18:13:

I'll send it to you in a PM first, so you may try it.

Just wanted to thank CHiLL72 publicly for his effort. Unfortunately, the code didn't work because it went with the CD-ROM accompanying the Pinnacle Pro Studio package and not the one that came with the regular Pinnacle card. This code I need looks something like this: PIN200-XXX-XXX-002.

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By the way: If anyone is looking for the Montego II, there is a dealer on eBay who has a couple of these sound cards new in blister for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-SEALED-TURTLE-BE … mMAAOSwdxJaqViW