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root42 wrote on 2021-05-31, 15:28:
FreddyV wrote on 2021-05-27, 18:54:

Anyway, OPL3LPT does no sound for S3M and SAT Music, I still don't know why.

Are there many S3Ms using the OPL? I think there was one sample file with Scream Tracker 3, but that's all I know of.

You can find lot of things there:

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I finalized the CMS code, still need time for the CMSLPT.

I am not sure I can finish before my holidaws, end of the week.
I may release yet another beta mid August, or this week.

Log file so far:

Beta 27
- Added BlasterBoard 2.5 Signed output support. (A Little faster)
- AMD InterWave (GUS PnP) now working and GUS Code simplified.
- TNDLPT Tested.
- OPL3LPT Support added and Tested. (Does not work with SAT/S3M yet)
- CMS Support added. (For VGM)
- Display the Sound Blaster name in the main page.
- Display the LPT2 and Tandy DAC port in the Output menu if available.
- Save the Custom DAC port in the Config File.
- Does not reinit the Text Mode each time a module is played (This can affect some CRT Monitors)
- Corrected a problem in the Vib Volume Slide effect (World of Plastic S3M)
- Various small correction