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The “Turtle Beach Quadzilla Montego-2 Plus” sold with an SP/DIF adapter as an add-on.
These adapter are hard to find today.
But you can always add a SP/DIF back plate adapter.
I want to find out the pin-out to this card to be able to add an SP/DIF adapter.
Anyone know the pin-outs ?
I can see pin-1 is labeled but that’s it.
There is allot of these cards for resale today by computer refurbishers but not much info on these.
These sound really good for the price. As these are a Dell branded Part # TB400 and N270
These sell for as little as $10.
A great card for the price.
These have the Aureal Vortex 2 or 3 sound chip.
AU8820 or AU8830. For 3D sound.

Need 3 wire signal connections for SP/DIF to work.
1) Ground ( Black wire )
2) Power ( RED wire )
3) Signal ( Brown wire )

I guess I could hookup a multi-meter to each pin to see which is hot and ground and then just plug around to fined the signal ?

Phils Video:


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I may not do SPDIF directly over these pins. That adapter can connect to complex add-on boards like the Home Studio: https://retrosoundcards.wordpress.com/tag/tur … ach-montego-ii/

The outputs might be I2C or I2S or something else....and even if it can do SPDIF it may only work with a board it recognizes and can talk to.

But give it a go....why not?

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Anyone have any ideas on how to locate the following pins using a multimeter ?
1) hot, I found the 5v pin.
2) ground, Which ground to use? I found one.
3) Signal ? How lo locate with multimeter ?