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Hi there,

I'm wondering how many different revisions existed of the "Sound Blaster CD16" Multi-media packages.

In 1994 , my dad gave me one such package for my birthday.

It came with a Creative Sound Blaster 16 ISA card, but I'm not exactly sure which specific revision.
It also came with a 2x-speed CD-ROM drive branded Creative (but I'm sure it was either Panasonic or Matsushita). One could either connect the dirve to the port on the sound blaster, or use regular IDE connection (both options came in the package).
The small speakers was of the brand "Labtec LCS-150" (look here: https://www.cnet.com/products/labtec-lcs-150-speaker-s/).

I don't remember any games being part of the package, but it def. came with the "The New Groiler Multimedia Encyclopedia"
(CD-ROM cover looked like this: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-QkvyUdCblrI/WgLmGw … 600/grolier.jpg)

Now this package was distributed in Denmark, Scandinavia.

The SB16 didn't have a volume control, so it was def. not one of the early SB16 revisions.

I'm curious to know, if anyone in here by chance got the same package in the early 90's? and if there's any way to figure out the actual revision of that SB16 card based on this knowledge?



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Our family had something like this as a Christmas present around the same time, 90s. It was a huge box, Sound blaster 16, a 2x cdrom drive, speakers, and actually a ton of software. I came across this post while searching online for a list of everything that came in it. A bunch of Ultima games that we never played, SeaWolf , a Star Wars game, Eagle eye mysteries, nursery rhymes, scooters magic castle, the grolier encyclopedia, and I’m sure plenty more stuff. I’ll have to look through the photo albums because we always took pictures of our Christmas hauls and we might have even saved the box. I know we still have the card, the drive, and the CDs.

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Somebody else started a thread about these multimedia kits a few years back. I helped dig around to gather model numbers and package contents. From what I saw, quite a few variations of these 2X multimedia upgrade packages existed.

I'd be very surprised if your kit didn't include at least 2 games...it seemed Creative had more copies of Lemmings and Indycar on floppy disk than they knew what to do with.

The kit I had wasn't a whole lot better than yours. I think it included:

-Grolier Encyclopedia (1994 edition)
-Kai's Power Tools
-HSC Digital Morph
-Aldus Photostyler

The drive in my kit was a Creative rebadged Sony CDU-33A, and card was a CT2230. I think the CT2230 was probably the most common card included in the 2X upgrade. My friend had the same card with his kit that had the CR563B drive.

I highly doubt that your Matsushita drive worked on a standard IDE controller, but if you have any documentation showing otherwise I'd love to see it.

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Card was indeed a CT2230 with a CR-563-B, 2x drive.

Box: (not my picture)

As for the rest;
With a suggested retail price of US$379.95, Discovery CD New Edition includes a total of 22 titles together with the same great hardware provided in the previous edition of the kit. Besides Creative's Sound Blaster 16, the industry standard 16-bit sound card, Discovery CD New Edition features a double-speed, internal CD-ROM drive and stereo speakers. Four new entertainment titles, Electronic Arts' Syndicate Plus, ORIGIN Systems' Pagan: Ultima VIII, Strike Commander and Wing Commander II; and six innovative educational offerings, EA*Kids' Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure, Eagle Eye Mysteries: Original, Eagle Eye Mysteries in London, Scooter's Magic Castle, Stradiwackius, A Counting Concert and The Four-Footed Friends are bundled within the kit. Also provided in the kit are six standard utility programs and the following software titles:

* The 1995 Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia
* HSC's Digital Morph
* HSC's Kai's Power Tools
* Altamira Composer SE
* Aldus® Gallery Effects Volume 1
* Aldus® PhotoStyler SE

https://web.archive.org/web/19961221134353/ht … 95/p950206.html

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Mine would have been some kind of OEM package as came with a PC from "Osborne Australia" a somewhat big company at the time.

it included:
SB16 Value CT2770
2x CRE-BTB CR-563-B
Some really cheap, tinny, unpowered speakers black with SoundBlaster written in gold under the speaker mesh. Seems uncommon (which is probably a good thing as they were terrible) however someone posted a pic here of the same speakers with some different branding underneath as well.

CD's that came with the system were
Return to Zork, Encarta 95, MS Works 3.0 I assume Works and Encarta were a separate package so that means only Zork came with the bundle.

I still have it all, even the manuals and driver disks. CD drive died along time ago though so is just to keep the original look