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Been having an issue with this card and Rise of the Triad - The Dark War

When I use a combination of Soundblaster Pro sound effects and General Midi(or waveblaster) performance tanks to a slideshow and audio is broken, I've tried this on a few builds and I'm about 63.246% sure I've ran ROTT with MIDI sound on this card before and it'd worked just fine, switching to adlib or soundblaster music works fine, but I wanted that sweet sweet MIDI goodness, there's no issues with other games, DOOM, Duke3D, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces etc.

The slowdown and performance issues hit even in the sound setup as soon as General MIDI is selected

Does anyone else have this card and can test ROTT out? or even a similar card with the same chips, The AZT2320 based card I have doesn't suffer with the same problem nor do any others I've tested (ALS007/100+) SB16 2950, Opti 82c929A , Audician 32, onboard YMF715E-S etc. Not sure if the game just does not like this specific card or it's my card that's developed a fault.

Other than that issue the card is nice, AZT1605-U05 + AD1845XP and a real Yamaha OPL chip (YMF262-M) Wavetable header, game port, Line out Line in, and speaker out + Microsoft sound system support makes it a really useful card, also nice clean output.