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I made an earlier post trying to get some help in regards to a Optiplex SX280 I have aquired.

Tech specs for it include AC97, Soundblaster emulation, and onboard whistle chip.

It also claims to have 16bit analog to digital and 20 bit digital to analog capabilities. My question is how the hell am I supposed to get this ability working in Pure DOS mode.

Before a guy on here suggested checking out BIOS for settings. He also suggested that no drivers or effort on my part was needed for the emulation to take place. SET-BLASTER and boom!


Running Gizmos and Gadgets with -sb parameters yielded nothing.
Disabling caches using a program made DOS more stable under Pentium 4 but no sound.
Installing soundblaster 16 drivers didnt work because the installer couldnt detect a suitable drive to install to (??????????)

I would appreciate some help in this matter.

Edit: Running NTVDM with Gizmos and Gadgets works fine. So the emulation is there, but how do I find the address of the emulated sound card.

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Unfortunately I cannot help you much.
What I can tell you, though, is that NTVDM has nothing to do with it. NTVDM is just an emulation layer that redirects certain types of hardware access to Windows drivers.

People who have enough knowledge to help you more will probably be interested in your machine's exact PCI chipset, because IIRC that thing does the low-level port interception.