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I did various searches but found no clear answer.
I found an 88VL at a good price.

On games that support 55 I shouldn't have any problems. But on games that only support 32 is there a built-in emulation? Thank you!

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it has a mt32 insturment map which gets you part way there (sending a gm reset or gs reset will reset it tho).

but it cant be programmed, the original mt32 could be. it had ram you can load patches into. the sc88vl does not have that.

so not all mt32 games are compatible.

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Most if not all games will not be compatible. No Sierra games will be, for example.

The only one that might be from memory is the first Kyrandia game, and even so, it won't have SFX.

The MT-32 map in the SC line is not really for compatibility but legacy support, and is no use for gaming (at least, with Western games).