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Maybe I'm the only one or doing something wrong but after I "upgraded" my Windows 11 system to 22H2 , Media Player can't play MIDI files anymore. Even after removal and reinstall of the player the problem remains.
Other players like the good old WinAmp and Falcosoft Midiplayer still work fine.
Anyone else run/ran into this problem and maybe knows a solution?

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Maybe it kicked out the midi synthesis driver ?

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matze79 wrote on 2023-01-17, 18:53:

Maybe it kicked out the midi synthesis driver ?

Most likely, MIDI music plays fine with the legacy WMP 12 on my modern computer that has Windows 11 22H2 installed on it. If he used CoolSoft MIDIMapper (for programs that didn't have a way to configure which MIDI device will be used), it has to be reinstalled each time when a feature update happens.